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Do you like Defunct Hockey Franchises? Well here it is anyways! The greatest Defunct Hockey Teams to every lace up a pair of skated. Part 1.

New Westminster Royals

(1912-1924 / 1945-1952 / 1953-1959 / 1967-1971 / 1988-1991)

The Royals make this list because of pure tenacity alone. They are like a beaten boxer that refuses to stay down. They have played games in the PCHA, PCHL, WHL, and theBCJHL. And did the whole thing in two classic Arenas (Denman, and Queen's Park). Will they be back? Seems like a safe bet.
Notable players: George "Babe" McAvoy

Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights

This team is here for one reason. The name is amazing. The Ak-Sar-Ben Knights? Fuck yes. It's named after a local civic group that may or may not solve crimes. They were only around for 2 seasons, but they dazzled the great state of Nebraska, and moved the party to the Quad Cities as the Mallards the next year.
Notable players: Dustin Boyd

Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies


The Bullies came from Birmingham,Alabama and left to Stockton, California all within 4 Pa years. The ECHL team played in the historic Boardwalk Hall, to a total of 43 people. They also won the Kelly God Damn Cup...ssoooo,...who's laughing now? Huh, Columbus Inferno?
Notable Players: Paul Harvey

Greenville Grrrowl

Yes. That is correct. The Greenville franchise decided to name their hockey team the Grrrowl. Yes. That is correct. There are 3 R's. Yikes. The Grrrowl also managed to capture the ECHL's Kelly Cup.
Notable Players: Nick Vitucci

Seattle Metropolitans


The Seattle Metros were a team thatwas known for one thing. They were the first American based team to win the Stanley Cup. They defeated the Montreal Canadians 3 games to 1, outscoring them 19-3. Nothing like taking some French Canadians to the cleaners to make a city swell with pride.
Notable Players: Bobby Rowe

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