I was born to love you, indeed.

Japan is a strange place. It's a land where honor and respect are a necessity worth fighting and dying for, and game shows molest highschool virgins on public transit for wonderous cash and prizes. That why when they decide to produce a Hockey themed television drama, you have to pay attention.

"Pride" is a popular new show in Japan, that follows a young professional hockey player, (Halu Satonaka), playing forward for the corporate Blue Scorpions. He likes to spend his days fighting with his new coach, (Yuichiro Hyodo), who has an unorthodox style, but a mean temper, and his nights with the ladies (slutty extras). Now I know what your thinking, this show already has it all, but it gets better. The shows theme song is not only "I was born to love you" by Queen, but all of the music in the show is by Queen. Finally, a show that mixes my three loves of Hockey, Queen, and Japanese sluts. Are you listening HBO???

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