Geno is all over OV's Sloppy Seconds.

This is a video of Alyonka Larionov hosting her own cooking show in what appears to be her apartment. I'm confused. I thought Aylonka was OV's ladybird, and also, this is clearly NOT A COOKING SHOW, and also, and the food looks horrifying. I would say that in the future, maybe keep the show down to one language, and try to have some sort of knowledge of, ya know, cooking. And what was Letang doing there? He was clearly cock-blocking Malkin. Or maybe he wants a filthy 3-way. Ya, that's much more likely. That Kris Letang is gonna slam down on a legends daughter, then point up at the sky in respect to his boy Luc Bourdon. Those two are like Tom & Jerry, except slightly less racist. Wait, What the fuck am I talking about?


Also, here is a photo essay on how Geno is spending his summer vacation. (Note: That's not Aylonka, that's Oksana Kondakova. She is some divorced bitch that Geno uses as a cum rag). And yes, I do realize what a scumbag I am.


It's gonna be a long off-season.

I don't know how it happened, but even with 3 separate blog contributors, we managed to go almost 2 weeks without a post. I personally blame 9/11.

There were rumours coming from 2 reliable sources that told me that Spec7ral had posted a rather odd video of himself and a co-host of sorts wearing masks or wigs or something, and drunkenly carrying on. I was never privy to the visual, but I'm sure that if he took it down, it must have really been something. But either way, on with the post...

Where to begin? Do I post about Dany in the Ott, and what a fucking baby that guy is? Or maybe the strong Pronger to the Kings rumour that has been spreading like wildfire all day? Maybe I could talk about the big Game 7 that hits us in just under 2 hours? Or how about none of the above. How about I just leave this blog just the way I found it. Waiting for Spec7al or Towers to smear their waste all over it in the great name of Internet Commentary. Ya, that sounds about right to me.

How about I leave you with a small taste of how The Florida Panther's treat the 38 people that actually come to their games....