Phelps is a fat man trapped in a swimmers body.

So this has little to nothing to do with hockey, but I came across the breakfast menu of Michael Phelps, and I had to share it.

3 x Fried Egg Sandwiches (w/Cheese, Toms, Onions, Lettuce & Mayo)

3 x Pankakes (w/Chocolate Chips)

3 x French Toast (w/ Powdered Sugar)

1 x Omelette (a 5 egg omelette)

1 x Bowl of porridge (Maize based)

1 x Bowl of Grits (He is American remember)

and a couple cups of coffee.

Who is this guy, Vladimir Krutov? huh?...Krutov?...You see how I tied it all back to hockey there? That's what we refer in the journalism world as "bullshit".

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