Thanks to Greg at Puck Daddy / Stefan Legein is a turd.

So props are in order to Greg Wyshnyski over at Puck Daddy for linking to HockeyDump today. We fully expect our clicks to soar into the double digits as a direct result. Speaking of Puck Daddy, they have great post (here) about Stefan Legein, and how he may have retired from hockey at the age of 19. So I'm a bit trepidacious to comment on it just yet, because this could all be a big practical joke that explode in my face, but damn....COME ON!

I don't know a lot of guys drafted in the 2nd, with legitimate shots at playing in the NHL just up and retiring. It's kind of a slap in the face to every hockey nerd (Read: Blogger) out there that lives and breaths hockey, that would kill for the chance to be a pro. If this is real, he is in for a world of hurt (Read: I will write means things about him under an alias.) And I am sorry for using the "Read:" joke twice in one paragraph (Read: Had no other way to finish the rant).

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