Ray Ferraro for the win.

I had no idea this happened, but apparently TSN hired Ray Ferraro sometime in the last couple of days or weeks or something. The reason I am surprised is because in my opinion (not IMO, because that is gay, and not gay in a homophobic way, but gay in a gay way), Ray Ferraro is the best hockey analyst going today. The guy is a tiny ball of hate that could snap at any minute. He's like a timebomb that just floats around telling other broadcasters that their opinions are wrong, and periodically stopping to sleep with Cammy Granato. Well done TSN, this almost makes up for that whole Glenn Healy fiasco.

Note: Google image searching "Ray Ferraro" and coming up with this gem has officially made my day. It looks like Helen Keller did it.

Note 2: Below you will find the video of Stefan's infamous empty net attempt in Edmonton, Ferraro is the colour guy making Patrick want to slit his wrists.

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