HockeyDump: Now Shittier!

USA Hockey Magazine has named it's Top 10 Best Hockey blogs, and once again, they have decided to give HockeyDump the big shaft. This really burns considering we have been operating for less than 2 weeks now, and have a travel size readership. How dare they rank the likes of Bob McKenzie, or Kukla's Korner ahead of us? Is it because we are to much for your precious ears? Or is because you have never "heard of us". Either way we take this as a personal slap in the face! I vow hat we will crack the top 1000 Hockey Blogs in the next 5 years, or my name isn't HockeyTard, MD.

Note: Congrats to Kukla's on coming in first. They really are the best.

Note 2: Coloring Contest! Color the HockeyDump Dino to win COLD HARD CASH!

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