Season in the Abyss.

So for some reason I found myself reading through the pages of NHL.com today, and they have story about the similarities between hockey and heavy metal. It's fine article and all, but I was left a little disappointed. You see the photo that accompanied the link on their main page was that of California's own, Slayer, wearing custom Dallas Stars jerseys, and the article was about Talent, Unity, and Intensity. Not the Metal Gods in the photo. So I simply googled, Slayer + NHL to find the original article that accompanied the photo, and that my friends is a good read. It's written by Jere Lehtinen, for the Dallas Stars Homepage. It's about how he went to a Slayer concert last summer, as a feature for the league. They knew he was a die hard fan, and set the whole thing up. I guess thats a pretty sweet perk. Whens the last time your job flew you out to go backstage and meet your favorite band?

I think the NHL should do more of these features to sell their product. It's nice to see a player with a personality. that doesn't just listen to the status quo Nickleback or U2. Maybe they could do a feature on a player that has a love of movies at his local independent theater, or a player traveling through Africa? Not just the same standard hockey player in an NHLPA baseball cap, on a fishing boat,with a can of beer, and an ah shucks attitude player profile that has been shoved down our throats for the last 20 years.

But at the same time, at least it's not the NBA.

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