1 month until hockey starts.

That's right, in 1 months time the Sens and the Rangers will face of in pre-season play. This will of course put an end to what has to be the most anti-climactic off-season ever. Whether it's the shit UFA crop, or the Sundin Bullshit, or the insane amount of trade rumors that seem to almost be completely made up (I'm looking at you HockeyBuzz), this has got to be the worst off-season ever. When a player that came in 67th in scoring last season leaves the NHL to go back home and play, is considered headline news, you know something is wrong.

I think they should make the Juniors play over the summer just so we never have an off-season. 365 hockey? I'm in.

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underthechestnuttree said...

Thesis - Antithesis ....Synthesis!