Ethan Moreau kills bus full of children & baby seals in a horrific hit & run accident.

Actually, nobody died, and it was just a minor accident, and Ethan wasn't even driving. But it was a hit & run, and that is big August NHL news! Read more here.


Anonymous said...

The funny thing about this whole incident is that its all focused on moreau when really he had nothing to do with it. As well, the owner of the bike had parked illegally between two cars about a foot away from the 4runner and looking behind you he was so close that you could not have possibly seen the bike over the tailgate. Finally it seems a little fishy that he had the plate number because there would be no way he could have seen the number in the short period of time in which the truck left. If you ask me he had taken the number down before hand knowing he would be seen.

HockeyTard said...

Either way. As long as we overreact to a minor traffic infraction, i think we have done our jobs.