Lounge Listeners

If you were tired of smoking outside in the harsh-land known as Florida and you were an NHL'er what would you do, quit? No, quiting is for the weak and NHL'ers are a strong bunch. Don't underestimate their resolve at anything....

“half the team was standing outside having celebratory cigars and I was thinking, there has got to be a better way.”(Stan Neckar).

So Stan and Dave (Andreychuck) conceived the Mobile Cigar Lounge. (seen above) Brilliant.

“There’s nothing like it out there. The Mobile Cigar Lounge is a place where people can relax, enjoy good conversation, a great cigar and be pampered."

Is it awesome? Check. Is it going to be outlawed in every state? Check. Do I want to be a part of it? Check-ity, check.

- when "pampered" and "good conversation" show up in your press release why don't you just say "good blow-job" to "those who will listen".


HockeyTard said...

I like it when rich people get ideas.

FleuryofFun said...

It makes them seem like better people. Not like you and I and me.

HockeyTard said...

I th9ink Fleuryoffun has been drinking.