44 Problems but a bitch ain't one.

So I was partaking in a little Sports Radio this afternoon, and the big story of the day seems to be that a minor league defenceman (Baumgartner), has decided to wear Todd Bertuzzi's number 44 , two years after he was even a Canuck. Seriously. The poll question is "Is the number 44 cursed?" Apparently being cursed means you bash in another players skull from behind (Bertuzzi), or you were traded to Philadelphia (Babych). Keep in mind, the Babych trade happened in 1997, and he went from one of the worst Vancouver squads ever, to a cup contender. What a horrible curse. Will it's reign of terror never end? Man, I hate the off-season.

Speaking of shitty polls, check out the new one on HockeyDump today! (Last weeks Poll winner was Bob Probert in a landslide).

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