A mid summers night rant.

Remember when the NHL didn't have a boner for US television markets? Back when there was no Hockey Commissioner (thats right they made that tile up special for Gary). Remember when there were the Campbell and Wales Conferences, and the Divisions were named after dead assholes? Those were good times. That was before shitty hockey cities won Stanley Cups, and pucks started to glow. I think there needs to be a change.

I think hockey is a regional sport, just like Nascar. Nobody from the north gives a shit about cars racing in a circle (except for a small minority), and nobody from the south gives a fuck about a bunch of Canadians skating around in a circle (except for a small minority). The only difference here is that Nascar doesn't give a shit what the North thinks, and the NHL loses hours of sleep over why the South doesn't like them. "Is it the fighting? We can change that! Is it because the puck is too hard to see? We can fix that! Please tell us what to do, and we will do it!"

How about this? The NHL comes to terms with the fact that it isn't ever going to go up against Footballl or Basketball or Baseball, and just caters to their hardcore fans. It worked for Nascar, why wouldn't it work here? Fuck Sunrise, and Nashville, and give Winnipeg another chance. I know they are sorry for whatever it was they did. How about Green Bay? That town has like 3 people in it and it sells out a football stadium every week.

And while we are on the topic of basing the NHL on other successful sports models, take a page out of the NFL's marketing book. You know how everybody in America owns a football jersey? That's because they don't cost $300. They practically give them away. Actually so does every other major US sport.

Sometimes I think the NBA sent Gary over to the NHL because they were getting to close for comfort. "Gary, your mission if you accept it, is to head up to Canada, and fuck shit up".

Anyways, this post is getting way too long. Basically, fuck everything.

The end.

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