D.O.A. Would probably like these.

So you may have read about this on a more popular hockey blog already, but Get High On Hockey is now offering sweet Punk Rock hockey card buttons for sale on the cheap. This surprises me for a number of reasons all which are the fact that I thought I was the only person in the world that even knew about Get High On Hockey. It's a great blog about hockey cards, and more importantly, why the shittiest ones are the sweetest.


Anonymous said...

This is my answer to your Радулова is the straw that broke Nashville's back post:

"I can't wait until Alex and Jaromir and the rest of the clowns experience their first Russian Winter Road Trip on a bus."

Did you forget, that Alexander Radulov is russian? He played hockey in Russia for over 10 years, before he moved to QMJHL.

Jagr played in Russia 2004-2005 (lockout) season, so he knows what to expect.

HockeyTard said...

Really? Thanks for the update. I'll let sarcasm know that you dropped by.