Rusu for Gerber??

I'm sure by now you've all heard of the heart-warming-est story of the off-season. An Ottawa goaltender, Christian Rusu, who plays Bantam House-League got the hockey experience of a lifetime when he unexpectedly took place in a Senators practice.
"I was undressing and a guy just came running in and said, 'We need a goalie," Rusu said as he removed his goalie mask, revealing his braces and the beginnings of a moustache.

"...... one of the expected goaltenders failed to show on Monday so the call went out for an immediate replacement. Enter Christian."
I love this story. It tickles the cockles of the heart (you'd use that phrase if you could too). A kid gets to play with his heroes.....but it begs the question, why do Senator goaltenders have such a hard time showing up for practice? Ray Emery and the missing goalie from this story, I'm looking at you, you bastards.

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HockeyTard said...

Where is Chris Levesque when you need him?