Dominik Hasek is a savvy business man.

AOL Sports has reported that former NHL netminder Dominik Hasek's clothing line "Dominator" is hemoraging money, and may need to downsize to stay afloat. This of course raises the two questions, "Dominik Hasek has a clothing line?", and "why does Dominik Hasek have a clothing line?". If you follow the link to his offcial website, you will find that he makes a variety of clothing for men and woman that don't mind overpaying for cheap crap. I wonder if they have anything for over-rated old men that retire way too often? Oh they do! Fantastic.

Note: I always loved how Lidstrom and Dom have been in the NHL for roughly the same amount of time and Lidstrom sounds like he was born in Thunder Bay, and Dom sounds like he was born in a blender.

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