A mid summers night rant Part 2

I was thinking about all of the stupid non-stories that have dominated the hockey world this summer, and I thought I would make a list of the Top 5. I figured it would obviously include the whole "Where will Sundin end up" thing, and the "Where will Burkey be next year" fiasco. But also the slightly smaller stories like "Was Finger given Kurt Sauer's money" thing or the "Will McCabe waive his no trade" storyline. Thats when it hit me. I don't know why it didn't before, but every fucking story revolves around the Toronto Maple Leafs for some reason.

I don't know why I'm surprised, because it's been this way for ever. Whether it be the complete domination of HNIC, or the top story on TSN every night, Toronto dominates the hockey talk. And for years it didn't really bother me because they were a top market that iced a competitive team. But now, they are a lonely turd, and even their fans are sick of them. So why must we still be bombarded with this inane bullshit?

This is basically just a continuation of the rant from last night, but sometimes I dream of waking up in an American city where Toronto doesn't exist. Imagine a place where Cliff Fletcher was just a confused senior citizen and not a constant target for quotes, or a TV that didn't have constant Blue Jay games, or Raptors coverage. I dream of living in Chicago where the pizza is deep. Or New York where they sell hot dogs on every corner.

Maybe I'm just hungry...

Fuck, I did it again.....anyways,....fuck Toronto.

The End

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