Charley Wang & the Islanders are at it again.

It seems that Charles has decided to pull another one of his patented moves out of his ass by promoting someone with little to no qualifications, into a roll that can only be best described as amazingly over their heads. This time the lucky guy is Vice president of sales, marketing and event operations, Chris Dey. And what new fancy position did they find for him? Oh, ya it's TEAM PRESIDENT. Charles went on to add...

''I know Chris well enough that he will stop at nothing less in making the Islanders the model franchise in the NHL.''

And what I'm sure Charles meant to say was...

"Chris is fucking my daughter"

That's right, Chris Dey just happens to be married to Charles Wang's daughter. What are the fucking odds on that one? This is just another smoooth move by the Islanders orginization that will ensure another decade of shit. Well done, Charles, well done.

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