Petr Nedvěd is a lucky loser.

Petr Neved is apparently going to join the New York Rangers in training camp this september in hopes of cracking the line-up and winning a new NHL contract. This is kind of weird for a few reasons. First, Petr is 37, and second, Petr is not very good at hockey. Nedved is one of those weird players that your not sure if he was a dud or not. He was drafted 2nd overall by Vancouver in 1990 ahead of Jagr, Primeau, Hatcher, Tkachuk and Brodeur which isn't a good start. He then went on to have decent career numbers, with 717 Points in 981 games, but almost all of that (521 Points) came with either Mario and the Pittsburgh All-Stars, or Mess & The Millionaires in New York. Who didn't get points with those teams? Look at guys like Rob Brown (115 Points in 68 Games) playing in the black and yellow, or John Cullen who had two 90+ point seasons in steel town. He didn't do shit for any of the other teams he was on (Van, St.Louis, Edmonton, Phoenix, or Phily). Even when you put it all aside, Petr Nedved is just not good enough to be in the NHL anymore. Maybe he could go back to his friends in the IHL where he hid out with the Las Vegas Thunder for a spell in '97. Or maybe he can just sleep with Veronica Varekova on top of a pile of money. Either way.

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