MIke Sillinger most likely played hockey with you.

The Two-Line Pass has one of the best "Off-Season" stories out there right now. I am kind of jealous that I wasted my time with th mascot post, when I could have been wasting my time with this one instead. They have compiled a list of every player that NHL journeyman Mike Sillinger has ever played with over his NHl career. The magic number? 561.

I guess it's not that shocking when you think about how many teams he has played for. Mike has worn the jersey for Detroit, Anaheim, Vancouver, Phily, Tamps, Florida, Ottawa, Columbus, St.Louis, Phoenix, Nashville and Long Island. That's 12 teams since 90/91. In fact, there is not a single team in the NHL that doesn't have a guy on it's roster that hasn't played with Mike at some time or another.

So this now begs the question, who is/was the ultimate hockey Journeyman? Here are a few candidates...

Mike Sillinger
WHL - Reg/Adr
NHL - Det/Van/Phi/TB/Fla/Ott/Clb/Stl/Phx/Nas/NYI

Michael Petit
NHL - Van/NYR/Que/Tor/Cal/LA/TB/Edm/Phi/Phx
IHL - Det/LV/Chi
DEL - Frk
ITA - Blz

QMJHL - Lvl/log
NHL - Van/Phi/Mtl/Stl/Pit/Ana/NYI/Nsh/Phx/Min
AHL - Her/Shr/Wrc

Jim Dowd
NHL - NJ/Van/Cgy/NYI/Edm/Min/Mtl/Chi/Col/NJ/Phi
AHL - Utc/Alb/Stj/Ham
IHL - Uth

And it of course some honourable mentions with 9 NHL teams a piece go to...

Brent Ashton
Paul Coffey
Bryan Marchment
Randy Robitaille
Bobby Dollas
Kevin Miller
Tony Hrkac
Jim Cummins
Sean Burke
Reid Simpson
Grant Ledyard
Jim McKenzie

You can check out The Two-Line Pass' original post here.

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