TSN is having a baby.

TSN has announced they will be adding a second channel in late August to compliment the existing TSN brand already in place (Read: Be even more of a clone of ESPN). The new channel channel will be called TSN2 as the creative team was on vacation that week.

This comes as great news as it was getting hard for them to pack all of that Toronto humping into one channel. There were hours of Leafs, Raptors, Jays, Argos, Marlies, Rock, & FC left untapped, and TSN stepped up to make sure the rest of the country doesn't miss out.

Note 1: I named all of those teams by memory. I can't do that for any other city...in fact I can't even name another soccer team. That is what TSN has done to me. I am a shell of a man.

Note 2: Google "Toronto Sports" and TSN pops up. Now type in Vancouver, or Montreal or Calgary or Edmonton, or Winnipeg, or Hamilton, or Quebec, or Halifax or any other city on the palnet and see what pops up....sure ain't TSN.

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