Dustin Brown has a penis, (and he wants you to look at it).

There is no easy way to put this. If you click the link below, you will see a video of Derek Armstrong being interviewed for Kings TV back in 2003. Also, Dustin Brown's penis.

Ya, it appears that Dustin Brown decided to towel off after a hard loss in front of a live news crew. I'm no hockey scientist here, but if you walk into a room, and there are a bunch of people in suits, with cameras and microphones, maybe you should at least face the wall before you air out the old hog. What is he, one of those 90 year old men at the pool? Someone needs to take him aside and let him know that if he keeps this shit up, he is going to have to shower in his swim trunks, just like Jiri Tlusty has to in Toronto. Maybe next time he should just sponge bath himself right there at his locker, or just fuck it and start doing squat thrusts. Also, nice on the KINGS TV Crew for decided to release the footage anyways. Smoooth.

So if you just can't resist, and have to see it for yourself, here you go. Click Here.


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