If Texas is all steers and queers, Which one is Avery?

So if you like shitty Morning News Team puff interviews with hung-over hockey players, than you are going to love THIS CLIP of Sean Avery on The Dallas Fort Worth Fox Channel 4 Morning Show, brought to you but Minute Maid, Goodness you can taste.

I think Sean Avery in Texas is a smoooth idea. I give him until Christmas before he ends up calling President Bush a homo, or says he dosen't eat beef or something, and the whole state goes ape shit. If there is one thing I know about Texans, it's that they are super tolerant of cocky fashionistas from LA and New York.

The real question is, who will last longer without incident? Avery in Dallas, or Favre in New York?

Side Note: I also like how the nest story up on the Fox News grid was "The Secrets Dentists don’t want you to know about Teeth Whitening!" Fear sells news.

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