Top 10: Philidelphia Flyers Fans Edition

This is a tribute to the biggest assholes (meant lovingly of course) in hockey. They are the winning losers, they are the fans of Philadelphia. I should preface these clips by saying that I am not from Phily, but I have been there, and I have walked the great parking lot of stadiums and arenas, and that place scares the shit out of me. It doesn't even seem like they are Flyers fans, as much as they are haters of the other 29 teams in the league. Actually they are haters of any other city on the planet. Not to be to dramatic, but there was a garbage can on fire. Who lites garbage cans on fire? When did Phily become the Thunderdome? Either way, this is the Philadelphia Flyers Fans Top 10.

10. "My name is mother fucking Philadelphia"

9. Sidney Crosby is Gary Bettman's daughter

8. Sooo, do they like Ovechkin, or....

7. The video here is bad, but the guy yelling "Faggot" morphing into chants of "USA, USA" is pretty amazing. Only in America.

6. Booing the Canadian National Anthem. Too good.

5. They scream "sucks" after every Kings player is announced.

4. Then this guy showed up...

3. They start them 'em young in the city of brotherly love.

2.Crosby Sucks

1. This is not only one of the best flyers fans clips of all time, but one of the best hockey clips of all time.


underthechestnuttree said...

Awesome post.

underthechestnuttree said...

Awesome post.

FleuryofFun said...

I h-agree (he said in a french-canadian accent).

Chunky said...

That first clip with the girls is classic. I just love how they see another hockey jersey and charge it with profanity. Amazing.