All work and no play makes Patrick a dull boy

This is the 1994-95 Pinnacle Sylvain Turgeon hockey card. What is so special about that you ask? Well, you see that dopey looking kid above the the rainbow, in the Sabers Jersey, on his Dad's lap? That's the NHL Rookie of the Year, Patrick Kane.

This is either just a happy cool coincidence, or the precursor to an epic blood bath like in the Shinning, where at the end of the movie the camera slowly pans into that old photograph to reveal that Jack Nicholson was there the whole time. And just to add to the madness, Kane is staring at Dale Hawerchuk, another Calder winner. If I was Doug Bodger, I would get the hell out of there, shits about to get firestarty.

Also, I have to give props to Sean Leahy's Going Five Hole, as when I tried to find a picture of this card, the google search led me to his blog, where he had done this same basic post like a month ago. Why am I always the last to know everything around here?


underthechestnuttree said...

firestarty has stupid hotlink blocker thingy.

HockeyTard said...

Thanks for the heads up. It should be all fixed now. To think that I actually linked to someones shitty website without permission. Someone call the cops.