James VanRiemsdyk likes to act his age.

Poor James VanRiemsdyk. He is entering the NHL in the digital era, and is joining the likes of Ryan Kesler, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal, Jordan Tootoo, Alex Radulov, and of course, Lil' Tlusty, (as well as countless others), as young NHLers that have been forced to share their private shames with the public via internet.

I for one applaude young Jimmy Vans binge drinking and choice in friends. It makes him more human. Have we all not been in his shoes at one time or another? Have we all not had a midnight conversation with God on the porcelain telephone? Have we all not awoken to the glories of a blurry night gone awry? Of course we have. It's all a part of growing up and testing boundries (and of course it's a fuck load of fun). The only difference between James and Stan Mikita, is Stan Mikita didn't have o deal with the likes of shitty blogs like this one, shoving his own shit back into his asshole.

So go forward sweet James, nobody will even remember this in a week. Except me. And I have a blog. Yikes.

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