The slowest 3 minutes in hockey. Ver. 3.0

Oh my good friend Dunce. Let me count the ways...

On Mark Messier "...ahh, he's American or sumpthin'." What?

On Wellwood "It's too bad I'm here on TV because 29 other dumb-dumbs passed on this kid, I coulda had him. And he was going to go to Europe!"

Picturing Don Cherry "having" Wellwood gets my gearbox going. Hearing Don Cherry claiming to be smarter than all GMs other than Mike Gillis is amazing.

On Brian Burke "He'll get some Canadians on this team (Leafs) and turn the ship around!"

The only Canadian ship turner they will get is Tavares, and even Milbury could figure that one out. It must also feel good to be a Canadian on the Leafs and be referred to as some sort of second rate garbage. Fucking Racist.

I apologize for not having more an opinion on this segment, I just got in and turned it on about halfway through. Probably for the best.

And now, Don Cherry getting a hard one for Scott Thompson

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Anonymous said...

Oh I get it, Don hates fags.