The Vancouver Canucks think their fans are retarded.

So the Canucks have (through much self administered fan-fare), have revealed their new 3rd jerseys today, and looky, looky here, they are 99% exactly the same fucking 3rd jersey that they have been using for years.

It seems the Canucks think that taking their existing 3rd, making the stick a bit thicker in the rick logo, and slapping a shitty version of the Johnny Canuck on the sleeve qualifies as a completely brand new jersey that was deserving of a countdown, and special unvieling. They also produced a touching video to commemorate the event.

This is of course is just another chapter in Canucks history brought to you by the new dream marketing team that has already brought out the new Canucks propoganda movie, and the already cancelled, 7th man award jersey rafters....thing.. The Vancouver Canucks clearly have zero respect for thier fans intelligence, and are treating them like they are short bus'd toddlers. But what really bugs me, is that it won't matter in the end anyways, because the fans will get up and dump thier wallets down like robots no matter what shit sandwich they serve up.

But I guess they deserve it in Vancouver. It is a horrible sports town, and brought it on themselves. I know they would never put up with this shit anywhere else, even Long Island.

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Spec7ral said...

This should have been titled "Canucks fans are retards"