Top Ten Hockey Nicknames....EVER!....(Part 2)

So way back in August or September or something, HockeyDump contributor Jason Towers made a list of the top hockey nicknames of all time. I have decided to add to this list? Why? Because it's a slow news day for hockey, ok? Give me a fucking break.

So since he claims his are the Top 10, I guess mine have to be numbered 11-20. Click on the link above to see Mr.Towers version of things.
  • 20 - Larry "Little Dempsey" Aurie
  • 19 - Max "Dipsy-Doodle-Dandy" Bentley
  • 18 - Alex "Fats" Delvecchio
  • 17 - Marcel "Little Beaver" Dionne
  • 16 - Tie "The Albanian Assassin" Domi
  • 15 - Jimmy "The Blonde Bouncer" Fowler
  • 14 - Tom "Tommy Non-Stopoulos" Koustopoulos
  • 13 - Bernie "The Pumpernicholl Kid" Nicholls
  • 12 - Nels "Old Poison" Stewart
  • 11 - Henrik" The Iceberg" Zetterberg

Honourable mention goes to Joe "The Duke of Padocah" Klukay for being a Duke, and for being from Padocah. Both great feats.

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