If I wanted my comeback, I'd scrape the roof of your mother's mouth (or something less Spec7ral-esque).

Dear Claude Lemieux,

Comebacks. They're are a pretty special thing, huh? It's a great way to prove to yourself, family and your fans, that even though you may be in your mid forties, you are still the same guy that had a couple of good playoffs like a decade ago. And where would be the best place to do this? The NHL of course. But wait? Nobody in the NHL wants you? Is it because in you last season like 5 years ago, you scored 6 points in 36 games? Hmmm,...that's odd. Normally teams would be jumping out of their seats to find a guy that can put up those numbers. Well maybe you can play in the AHL, or Europe? NO? They think you are just a washed up old man as well huh? I know! You can swallow your ridiculous fantasy of playing hockey at an even remotely competitive level, and join a league in FUCKING CHINA. Oh you have? Great. Well I guess I see you NEVER then.


Jim Peplinski's finger.

PS - Drapes says hey.

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