Hockey Interviews Suck

I would like to start by apologizing for my flurry of posts. I'm sure I will run out of rants soon enough. Or not.

Anyhow, hockey interviews blow. I am pretty fucking tired of listening to the same drivel come out of every player's mouth since the beginning of time (Avery and a few others being the exception to the rule). Talking about "winning the battles" and "key faceoff wins" and "a couple of big saves" is a bunch of shit they can get paid for when they take Pierre McGuires job.

They are actually so bad that I had a nightmare of a time trying to find one on youtube. Or maybe I was just too lazy drunk to get a good scour in. I did, however, find something of unparalleled awesomeness:

Maybe hockey interviews aren't so bad after all.

Or maybe Snoop D O Double-Gizzle just put them to all to shame.

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Jason Towers said...

I agree...110%.

I normally don't throw that extra 10% around but this post calls for it.