Nick Kypreos Vs. Gregg Zaun

It's a long and boring story, but apparently Toronto Blue Jay Gregg Zahn was running his mouth about hockey to Nick Kypreos and it ended up in a televised shoot-out with Zaun in net.

Zaun has never played hockey in his life, and can barely skate, and Kypreos played 442 carrer NHL games, and can barely skate. So I say this match up is fairly even.

Only Nick Kypreos could make a story like this so fucking boring. I hope when they do the follow up at the SkyDome, he gets beaned in the skull. Live concusions, now that's good TV.

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Spec7ral said...

What a fucking dillweed Kypreos is. Let's not forget that Zaun always loses playing time to a fat free-agent stickball player every year, so I think he did pretty well for a second rate hick.