The Crying Game in A Minor

Alexander Nikulin, C Ottawa Senators 2008/11/02: According to various reports, Ottawa Senators forward prospect Alexander Nikulin, currently toiling with the AHL's Binghamton Senators, has demanded a trade. If he doesn't get it, he is threatening to bolt to the KHL. The 23-year-old Nikulin has produced two goals in five games with the baby Sens this season. (Courtesy of theforecaster.com)

Threats and promises. Sounds to me like he wants to get back to pounding Russian poontang instead of having drinks thrown in his face by eastern canadian sluts for his broken english and off-colour russian hand gestures.

This picture leads me to beleive he is making the right decision.

Below is a link to another shitty place on the internet where people jerk off to hockey. It has a link to his blog, which unfortunately is in Russian. What is fortunate, is that a good chunk of readers posted their support of his "great attitude" after some Communist took the time to translate one of his posts. Quitters might not always win, but they definitely can garner accolades from douchbags.


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