So long Canucks, have a nice Entry Draft.

So it would appear that Bob Luongo has had his groin pulled on, and in turn has flushed the Canucks hopes and dreams down the poop shoot with it. I just can't wait for the pundits to come out and say this is a great opportunity for Curtty Sanford to show what he is made of. I will tell you right now what he is made of, flesh, bone and 500 hockey. That should be good for that perfect middle where you don't make the playoffs, but you also don't get a great draft pick. I like to call it the Maple Leaf Zone.

But then again, Roberto could be back by Monday, in which case you should just disregard this post and concentrate on this instead.


Spec7ral said...

Did Roberto pull his groin because he didn't follow her stretching routine? Or did he just pull it watching?

Sneezy said...

Watching. Always watching.