Closeted-gay-deadbeat-dads rejoice!

Glen Anderson will be inducted into the hall of fame. This is a great time for all the deadbeat dads of the world who have foregone making their child-support payments, especially those with two homes in the Carribean islands who spend their spare time golfing.

That is a picture of Glenn spending time with someone else's child.
Notice the white pants?

We here @ HockeyDump, are still working feverishly to try and substantiate the following rumour: When Wayne Gretzky uttered the famous words "I promised Mess I wouldn't do this" @ his press conference to announce his trade from the Oilers, he was referring to "outing" the passionate love-affair between Mark and Glenn.

That conjures such a disgusting visual image that I vomited slightly.

In other news that doesn't involve hockey players fucking each other, but does involve Andersons from British Columbia, Pamela Anderson has huge fucking tits.


The Terminal City Boats said...

That post reminds me of an old post I wrote for a diffrent blog a few years ago. I think I should repost it here.

Spec7ral said...

6. Lots of plagiarism.

Just following the rules, SIR!