Lee, Carlo, Alex and Meatballs.

Lee Stempniak for Alex Steen and Carlo Coliaicovo, huh?

Well I can't say that I'm a fan of this deal all that much, mostly because I think the Leafs got the better end of the trade, and I hate the leafs with all my heart. I think I would rather watch Grey's Anatomy, than the leafs do well. It makes me sick to my stomach whenever they win. I wish them a very horrible and painful death. I hope their friends and families spontaneously ignite into flames. I hope that the whole city of Toronto gets hit by a terrorist attack. Every moment that the Leafs exist proves that God does not exist. But I digress....

The trade seemed a little odd to me because of a couple of reasons.

1) Why would St.Louis trade a guy they drafted and nurtured into a point a game guy, for a couple of shit nuggets that Toronto clearly had given up on? It just doesn't add up to me.

2) Isn't Burke supposed to be taking over there anytime now? Shouldn't you lay off of moving anyone until the new chef arrives? Maybe he liked Steen? Maybe he had other plans for him? Maybe you shouldn't let grampa drive someone else's car?

So basically, if by the end of the season it looks like St.Louis got raped in this thing, I will march around proclaiming that I am the smartest man in the room, but if Steen shows up, I will erase this post and deny all involvement.

Why am I still typing, dinner is ready.


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Phaneufophile said...

Steen has a huge amount of talent and will come back to kill the Leafs.