What the Hull crawled up Modano's ass?

“It was idiotic and stupid,” Modano told the Dallas Morning News. “It was one of the most embarrassing things I’ve seen. If that’s what we’re going for, then they need to find me an office job.”

These were Modano's comments in response to a loss against the Bruins, in which the following transpired:

Some things I took from this video:

a)Steve Ott is sub-human.
b)Announcers who don't know much of anything can make up for it with references to Sean Avery being ripped limb from limb, especially if you infer that it would be weird not to want to see that happen.
c)Matty Niskanen is a pretty little boy.
d)Why is a pretty little boy fighting?
e)These teams should play more often.
f)I need an "I hate Peyton Manning" T-shirt.
g)It's been too long since I saw the Churla hit:

The various news sources where I read about Modano's comments , made it sound like they were directed solely @ Avery. I would guess Avery factors in, but Ott seems like the big fucking pussy here. I suppose when you put more than one guy on a team that won't back his shit up, old man Modano gets pissed off.

And thus it seems Hull managed to get his team an identity, something to the effect of the whiny yellow-belly shitdisturbers.

Side note: It pains me that Don Cherry worked his way into this post. I suppose vermin always turn up where you don't want them.

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