The slowest 3 minutes in hockey. A weekly rant. 2nd Edition.

Ok, so I am probably going to hell in a handbasket for saying this stuff so close to Rememberance Day, but I have been known to take my chances.

On Coach's Corner, Dunce Cherry just cried, which is okay, I guess, because it was in semi-reference to his uncle who died in the war. He died in WWII and I figure that makes Dunce about 11 years old @ the time. He also said his uncle served the entire war, which means he would have last seen his uncle around age 4. Maybe he is sad that he never got to know him, thus he cried. Maybe those issues I brought up in the first edition of the weekly rant were the real reason he was crying. Who knows?

Anyways, it's definetly a nice touch honouring people who are fighting (and unfortunately dying) for the freedom of others. But did anyone notice that they had all the French KIAs @ the beginning of the segment? It wasn't by last name, or by rank, and I'm pretty sure Quebec is in the middle of the country. Why were the French-Canadians seemingly segmented from the other soldiers? I am just talking here.

As long as Dunce feels the need to constantly bring up the war like some sort of backward-thinking maverick, I will continue to draw conclusions based on little-to-no-foundation. Dunce gets paid for it, so I should be able to do it for free. If Dunce wants to take up airtime talking about the war, maybe he should use that fat head of his to come up with some ideas on how to end it. That's the only way people will stop dying. Or he could have honoured all the innocent civilians that have died as a result of the war. Those people didn't have a choice.


Anonymous said...

Wait, your posts are becoming more "thought out opinions", and less "offensive filth". You are confusing the avid HockeyDump reader.

And whats with the lack of pics????

Spec7ral said...

Sorry, it was the whole Remeberance Day thing that made me try to be thoughtful. That will be the last post of that sort until @ least Christmas.