Frost, Danton, the internet, and a terrible dream.


You just can't make this shit up

It seems like a comedic bit, but....yikes. This is happening.

Former player agent and current creepy mother fucker, David Frost has decided to throw his hat into the world of online hockey with his own website. He calls it "HockeyGod.com", and bills himself as hockey's #1 bad boy. Which is weird, because you would think he would refer to himself by his birth name of "Sex Offender".

I guess it's going to be just like all the other shitty hockey sites out there excet this one will have the prespective of someone that carried on Charlie Manson like relationships with NHL players.

This is all quite odd and all, but the BEST part is when you realize there is going to be a section where you can read the jailhouse ramblings of Mike Danton, the guy who tried to hire a hit man to kill Frost. Fucking amazing.

I hope this website takes off, just so David has to be awarded some sort of media accreditation and is let into pres row at The Air Canada Center or somewhere else that's as far away from me as possible. I mean COME ON! How is this actually fucking happening? Am I on crazy pills????

So I highly suggest you check it out here, just so you can see I'm not lying, then never ever visit there again. Ever. EVER.


Spec7ral said...

All I know about this situation is that, when I was googling images, one of these fucking touching jailhouse fuckfaces showed up. Good on them. See what touching equates to in the bighouse. Prolly more prodding that touching, but that's a (thankful) guess. KILL YOURSELF.

Spec7ral said...

PS I have made his shit my homepage. I fucking need it.

Davey Williams said...

There is a good chance that making this your homepage will increase your chances of being touched 2:1.