Blues Bankers

Here's another gem from the marketing side of hockey: The St. Louis Blues for their remaining Saturday home games will give some lucky winner 4 months paid rent or mortgage payments....Yup. So here's how I see this:

Wife-y:"Honey, the bank wants to take our home away from us, what should we do?"

Hubby: "Go see a hockey game?"

It appears the new demographic added to the Blues target audience, besides hungry fat people (same link), is now people on the verge of receiving foreclosure on their homes or notices of eviction. How else could you explain it? No other way, that's how.

By February they'll be offering a free nights stay at the local YMCA in exchange for a game ticket.

At least the Blues are living up to their name now.

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Anonymous said...

They should just change the name of the arena from "Scottrade" to "breadline". That should get the vagrants in.

Note: Yes, I do think that anyone affected by the US economic crisis is a vagrant.