Don Cherry and THE WAR!

I am pretty tired of listening to Don Cherry force his insecurities on us. He is obviously guilt-stricken over the fact he did not serve in the military like the rest of his family before him. I realized how much I hated this guy during today's Coach's Corner.

He was going off about the war, and they showed some clip of him over in a graveyard in France (doesn't he hate French people?). He knelt over in front of a tombstone and started waxing idiotical about war vets like he knew this guy and as if he himself had been in the war. Then he told me what I should be thinking when I buy my poppy this year. At that point I decided I wasn't going to buy a poppy. Then I remembered that my grandfather Arthur almost died in a POW camp, and realized it would be pretty shallow of me to not buy a poppy and support everything he fought for just because Don Cherry deserves to die in a fire.

Anyone who listens to anything Don Cherry says and takes it to heart should probably take some time to consider offing themselves. The fact that he's a latent-homosexual, racist, pompous, insecure narcissist doesn't even have to be your reason. This video should be more than enough:

The fact he was voted 7th "Greatest Canadian" makes be embarrased to be one. I'm guessing that's right between The Tragically Hip and The Trailer Park Boys. Seriously, who lives in this country? At least we don't have one of these in Vancouver:

If they ever open one I will have to leave town.

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The Terminal City Boats said...

Spec7ral is really upping the angry old man ante up in this blog. Wow.