Nikita Filatov is going to ruin everything.

So, your in a hockey pool this weekend? You got any of those rookie stips? If so, Nikita Filatov may just ruin your pool.

Here's the thing. Stamkos is by far and away the best Rookie forward out there today. He has a lock on a roster spot and will likely see some good PP time. So what's the problem? Well...

In comes Nikita. He is a long shot to make the roster (his first game is tonight against Buffalo), and with at least two other rookies dressing this season before him, I wouldn't sweat it too much. But,...BUT...if that little bastard manages to find his way onto the line-up, look the fuck out. He has the capability to blow Stamkos out of the water in the Calder race. So what? Well, in your pool, he will likely be taken in the last round, as a long shot. But he could make your first Round pick of Stamkos look ridiculous. Your best bet? Just pick Mueller and be happy you came in third.

Note: I probably copuld have fleshed this out a bit more for you, but I'm at work, and my boss is giving me the shifty eyes again.

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underthechestnuttree said...

oh come now...

Filatov wont even come close to stamkos this year, and stammy wont even be that great. Turris will be better than stamkos in terms of raw numbers,

There it is.