The Hockey News is retarded. Again.

Congratulations Hockey News, you are only 20 years late!

I (for some reason) have a subscription to The Hockey News. And with that honour comes a daily email prompting me to a link to some wonderful article they have written that day. I usually read the headline, then chuck it into my junk folder. But today was different. Today I happen to read further. And what did it say? Well...
In talk of where the NHL should expand or move to, no one mentions Seattle, though their fans are wild, diverse and in need of a pro sports franchise
Wow...thanks for showing up to that party Hockey News. I wonder if the Hockey News is based in the East? Too perfect. The West has been screaming to give Seattle or Portland a team for 20 years. We keep hearing all the crying and moaning about Winnipeg, and Hamilton, but their are two great hockey cities without a team just sitting there on the coast that constantly go without mention. Also, Paul Allen has mentioned more than once that he would be interested in owning an NHL franchise there. But I guess it's better too have a dude named "Boots" have a franchise first.

I kind of got off track, but the basic gist of this post is, FUCK OFF EAST COAST. It's like having a self centered older brother. "But what about New York? But what about Toronto?" How about you shut the fuck up and die.

Anyways, I'm hung-over and hungry. I'm off to Denny's. That cool with you, asshole?

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