Luongo No "C" Captaincy

Looks like the Canucks have given Mr. Luongo the "C" this year and a good choice it is, except the league won't "officially" let him wear it. Why? Short answer: The NHL is run by a bunch of robots that resemble a waking-coma patient.

Hockeytard and myself have argued over this before and I think in a drunken stupor we came to this conclusion: why in hell can't a goalie be a captain? Let the goalie argue with refs over shitty calls at center-ice. Let the goalie take ceremonial face-offs (are we afraid the Queen will be confused next time she drops a puck at GM Place?). Wouldn't you love to see Brodeur and Luongo chewing up Don Koharski's ear at the red-line? I would.

Since the NHL won't let him wear a "C" on his sweater (instead they make the team give out 3 "A"'s to skaters) I think Luongo should just get a new helmet painted with "CAPTAIN" right on the forehead. Just a thought.

NOTE: In his first practice as "captain" Luongo suffered a minor groin injury......shit, does that make Sanford the second in command? Yikes.


HockeyTard said...

Someone else suggested the "C" on the mask to me today, and I think it's a good idea. I also think a picture of Bettman being sexually assaulted by a horse is a good idea.

HockeyTard said...

Also, the better headline would have been "C no evil, hear no evil" than you have a picture of Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor & Roberto Luongo smoking weed at the top. It writes itself.

FleuryofFun said...

Now THAT pic should be on his helmet!

HockeyTard said...

The Vancouver Province used "C-Change" this morning. They win.