Eat It...

I hate to post about Toronto and I fully endorse Davey's earlier post BUT here's my 2 cents and I'll keep it simple:

I would love to see a team not called the Leafs win a Stanley Cup in Toronto . Yeah, we would still have Toronto douches to deal with but at least we could say they weren't Leafs douches.

That's all I want to say on this matter.

ps - I love this pic cause it says "if I have the Cup I don't need a coffee table. The Cup is perfect for any occasion, including airport departure gate snack-time, or some such thing-y"

EDITOR'S NOTE: Toronto shouldn't get a team ahead of many other cities (Seattle, Winnipeg, etc..)but if they did wouldn't it be great if the "new" team won a Cup before the Leafs? This edit just summed up my original post in less words....sorry about that.

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Davey Williams said...

Toronto is Canada's asshole.