Brandon Sutter had it coming.

So Greg over at Puck Daddy posted this great link (although it was at the bottom of another post, and kind of hidden), to Brandon Sutter cheap shotting the fuck out of Alexie Cherepanov from behind last year.

I'm not sure if Brandon is doing interviews yet, or is even alive for that matter, but I can'y wait to hear what he has to say about all this shit. If he even has half of that world famous Sutter wit that his Dad and uncles are famous for, I'm sure we are in for a treat.

PS - If it does turn out that Brandon Sutter is dead after all, just disregard this post, and go to our Cherepanov RIP post and read that instead. Just replace Alexie for Brandon, and it will make it all better.

PS2 - Go Classy!

PS3 - PS2 looks like a note about the Playstation gaming console.

PS4 - So does PS3. And Ps4? Man, I can't wait!

Ps5 - I wonder if we will get more hits on HockeyDump because of people googling "PS4" and having this shithole pop up?

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