I would rather watch High School Musical 1 through 4, than watch one minute of this filth.

Schtick on the ice: The hockey musical.


That is what I just typed.

I know...

I know.

I don't know how exactly I stumbled across this website, but ho-ly-shit. Is this for fucking real? This is like the plot of a Christopher Guest film!

FACT: There is no fucking possible way that this is even remotely bearable.

I can't even seem to put a clear thought together in my head about this, let alone a coherent paragraph. Why the fuck does this exist? Is it just to bother me? Am I being punk'd???

Seriously?.....WHAT THE FUCK???

Note: I drew you in with the Vanessa Hudgens pic, and then fed you the turds from the Hockey Musical story. See how we treat our readers here? It's amazing you keep coming back.

Note 2: Everytime I post a picture of a slut the hits double, so why is this not just a porn site?


Flying V said...

I am going to sex that Mexican kitten up!!!!!!!!

Davey Williams said...

Wow. Is that the fan base that HockeyDump is attracting? I'm saying thats bad, I'm just curious.

Spec7ral said...

You're generating hits with "Cabaret style" my friend.