Odds that Sarah Palin gets raped in the old Spectrum parking lot? 2:1

Oh Sarah. You know not of what you do. So you think your a hockey mom huh? Well I'm willing to bet that the fans of Philadelphia have a thing or two to say about that.

You see, I have made no qualms about my intense fear of Philadelphia and the wonderful people that reside there. I have even made a post about it here. The problem is, is that Philadelphians are bat shit crazy, and like making the outsiders of their great city feel "unwanted" and "scared for their life". You have to remember, these are the same great fans that not only boo their own team on a regular basis, but have also booed fucking Santa Clause. Yes, that Santa Clause.

And why do I bring up Mrs. Palin and the City of Brotherly Love together? Well, it seems Sarah has decided it's a good idea to drop the first puck at the Flyers home opener this week. I tell ya, it's gonna be a fucking blood bath. I mean come on. Phily Vs. Alaska? It's not even fair. She is going to trot out there in a pant suit and her "Maverick" attitude and get her ass handed to her. Actually this could really be Phily's chance to shine. COME ON PHILY, DON"T LET US DOWN!

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