HockeyDump Vs. HockeyBuzz Challenge.

So you know how Eklund from Hockeybuzz is a retard? Ya, so I have idea about that.

Here is the plan. We track every single trade prediction he makes for a month. At the end of the month, we tally them up and see how many he got right. At the same time, we start making our own predictions based on absolutely nothing except common sense. At the end of the month, we see who did better.

I will also love to have ideas on the fake trade rumours on our end, so if you have one, get them in.

This should be fun.

PS - Oh ya, the Palin photo. Apparently it's mandatory as a hockey blog to mention her at least once a day, and we hadn't hit our quota yet.

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underthechestnuttree said...

Just fucking awesome.

Fuck that guy.