Toronto is a spoiled brat.

Ah, I see nightmares do come true.

It appears that the NHL board of Governors got together today to discuss the usual old ways to keep the game as boring as possible, and the idea of awarding a 2nd team to Toronto.

Fuck. Seriously?

Isn't that one of the signs of the apocalypse? It's the one that comes right after the seas turning to blood, and the dead rising from the grave isn't it? Giving Toronto another team is like pinning every other team in the league on the ground and throwing dodgeballs at their nuts. Like the NHL isn't already the Toronto Show, now we will have a second head to place upon the monster?

And, am I the only one that thinks two teams in one town doesn't work? Clippers Vs Lakers, Rangers Vs. Islanders, Dodgers Vs. Angels. There will always be a top team, and the left over shit.

And why Toronto? That must really make the people of Quebec, Winnipeg and Hamilton happy. For years the people of Canada have been screaming for another team, well, they might just get what they wished for.

Fuck, I hate Toronto.

I really, really do.

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Comrie said...

Are you afraid to die?